Natural Remedies

People have practiced natural medicine for centuries. Before the advent of modern technology, doctors and their patients had to rely on natural techniques and herbal remedies to treat illnesses or heal injuries. Everything from the common cold to life-threatening conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease have been purported to be successfully treated without the use of modern-day medical equipment. And in these days we actually had less disease and illness and a proven efficacy of natural remedies with little to no side effects.

Due to the widespread popularity and blatant dominance of modern medicine in Western society, natural medicine has received much criticism for being backwards and unreliable. Is there any wonder why the majority of medical students know just as much about herbal drugs as the general public?

The healthcare system is structured in such a way that natural remedies are now widely perceived as inferior or something that people use when they cannot afford modern medicine. However, there have been many reported instances and a wealth of substantive data that proves exactly the opposite.

More people need to realize that going against the grain is not always a bad thing. Refusing to use synthetic drugs is indeed a healthy choice. Being aware of the benefits of natural medicine might cause an increasing number of people to use these resources. Remember, stigmas can be removed just as they are assigned. People have taken herbal extracts from plants long before they were given prescription drugs. Here are some of the top reasons why natural healing may be the best option for you.

-No harmful side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs often cause adverse reactions in the patients that take them, and the worst part about it is that the companies that manufacture these drugs often do so without being aware of them. Every commercial you’ve seen about lawsuits against certain pharmaceutical drugs, were drugs that were once approved by the FDA. 

-Herbal medicine utilizes the body’s natural healing process for treating conditions. Herbs and natural remedies work with the body and retrain and restore the body to function optimally as it would under an ideal environment. Blue vervain for instance is a restorative herb that not only soothes the nervous system, alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression, but also restores natural function. 

-It is cost-effective. One of the main downsides to modern medicine is its cost. It is not uncommon for even generic pharmaceutical drugs to cost hundreds of dollars. A trip to the emergency room for treating a headache, for example, can easily cost this much money. You can also buy most herbal remedies over the counter and/or from local shops and of course online, which means you don’t need to have expensive health insurance.

-Natural medicine is widely understood to increase the body’s ability to ward off diseases. Increased immunity and an overall healthier state of being can easily be achieved with continued treatment.

In conclusion - herbal remedies assist the body in balancing itself and recovering natural functions to fight off illness naturally. This leaves the body in a better state than before the remedies were administered, unlike pharmaceuticals which merely treat symptoms and leave the body compromised and in a worse state than before the drugs were administered. What is natural is natural and what is unnatural is unnatural.

By Tim Thompson Jr

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